Fall River, Mass Soccer Heritage

Fall River, Mass  Soccer Heritage
1950 US World Cup Team. US 1 Great Britain 0 Front Row (from right to left) Ed (Wolfgang)Souza , John (Clarkie) Souza Ponta Delgada Soccer Club. Tiverton RI The 1950 U.S. World Cup team. Back row (L to R): Jack Lyons, Joe Maca, Charlie Colombo, Frank Borghi, Harry Keough, Walter Bahr, Bill Jeffrey. Front row (L to R): Frank Wallace, Ed McIlvenny, Gino Pariani, Joe Gaetjens, John "Clarkie" Souza, Ed Souza.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's get started, call for facts and information and sources

So much history, time to try and pull a lot of it together so that's the purpose of this site.
From watching the international touring teams take on the local pickups at the old Fall River stadium to watching Billy Gonsalves and John "Clarkie Sousa (below) play with the Pontas at the old Marks (Ponta Delgada ) stadium in Tiverton,

Many of these memories are dying off with our fathers and grandfathers,

You can help by pointing me to any relevant photos, writeups, good sources, etc. Thanks in advance! In the end, this will belong to all of us old fans of the Ponta's and Fall River Soccer, \


  1. I have a great interest in Fall River soccer and, in particular, Sam Mark's (Ponta Delgada) Stadium. One chapter of my book "Boston's Ballparks and Arenas" (UPNE, 2005) is dedicated to the stadium. I have also visited the site on several occasions.

    By the way, one of the photos on your site, under Mass. Hall of Fame, shows, among others, an image of my cousin, P.A.L. Foulds. He is third from the left. He was at the event, (as was I) representing his father and my uncle, soccer historian, Sam Foulds. Great site.

    Alan Foulds
    Boston's Ballparks and Arenas

  2. Alan,

    Great to hear from you. First, I've ordered your book from Amazon.com Got to read your book so I don't bore you with fact that you may already be aware of. I saw you listed Lincoln Park. I assume that's the amusement Park in Dartmouth Mass? If so I have a carousel story for you!

    I too have visited the site as recently as early July of this year. Recalled when the Ponta Club was housed in that building on Shove streeet now occupied by a health club. The Ponta/Patriot's Club came after when the stadium was converted to a drive in theatre. I was fortunate enough to have a Father who was an avid soccer fan. He, myself and my uncle, watched many a game at the Ponta stadium in the late 40's and early 50's. Was trying to find some photo's from that era. Watched one baseball game there, and was aware of auto racing being conducted there also.

    Also, watched more than several games at the old Fall River Stadium which stayed behind Pleasant Street and Plymouth Avenue, in an area most recently called Buffington Park Even less info seems available about that site.


    ( I believe.) If I recall correctly, it was also home to a minor league baseball team (Fall River Indians) coached in their last two years by Luke Urban who went on to become a legendary multisport coach at Fall River's Durfee High School.

    Some history there when foreign soccer teams would come through on summer exhibition tours and play a pickup team of the local all stars, often including many of the Ponta players. Watched teams like Liverpool and Manchester United among others including teams from Germany, Argentina etc..

    But first, let me get your book, and get up to speed with you.

  3. came across your blog while I was researching my grandfather. David McEachran came over from Scotland and played for Fall River from 1926 to 1928. I found a lot of info from the following book.
    Jose, Colin (1998) (Hardback). American Soccer League, 1921-1931. The Scarecrow Press. (ISBN 0-8108-3429-4).


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